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What to Expect at Your First Chiropractic Visit

Have you ever wondered what a first visit with a chiropractor looks like? We want to help ease any uncertainties you may have and get you excited about the journey ahead!

The first visit can be broken up into 5 different portions:

  1. Detailed Health History

  2. Physical Examination

  3. Discussion of a Plan of Management

  4. Informed Consent

  5. Treatment and Education

1. Detailed Health History:

To begin the first appointment we start with a thorough health history. This helps us to know what injuries the patient has had in the past, how the pain is described by the patient, how long it has been going on for, what makes it better or worse and mechanism of injury. It is important for us to get as much information as possible so we can not only get the patient better faster, but also prevent it from returning.

We can be 80% sure of the diagnosis based off a good history!

2. Physical Examination:

The second portion of the assessment allows us to take a closer look at the way the patient is moving, their range of motion of their joints and any tension that may be in the soft tissue.

We will go through an observation, range of motion, neurological testing, orthopaedic tests and palpation. All of these allow us to dig deeper into figuring out what the cause of the pain is. It is important to know the cause so that we can prevent the pain from returning.

3. Discussion of Plan of Management:

Once the we have finished the physical exam, the doctor then uses all the information they got from both the assessments in order to come up with a diagnosis.

Based on how long the injury has been going on, age of the patient, previous history and the nature of the injury, the doctor will discuss a plan of management. We will clearly outline the duration and frequency of visits. As a team we come up with the best treatment style for each individual. Each person is unique, And therefore each patient will have their own treatment plan.

4. Informed Consent:

Before beginning treatment it is very important that we go through informed consent. We discuss the risks and benefits of treatment, alternative treatments, and go through any questions or concerns at that time.

We like to emphasize that the patient knows their body best and we have the tools to help. Therefore feedback is always welcome and any treatment we do will only be with consent.

5. Treatment and Education:

The last portion of the first visit is treatment! This portion of the visit will look more like what a follow up visit does. We will do the treatment techniques we just went over in the plan of management. We usually begin with soft tissue to get them feeling looser. And then, if part of the plan, we move into mobilization’s and adjustments.

At the end we go through any education and exercises that will help to speed up recovery/prevent pain from returning.


One of our main goals at endurance is to make our treatment work best for our patients. We are here to help you get better, stay better and reach your goals. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to chat or to set up a FREE 15min phone consultation.

Email us at keirstyn@endurancetherapeutics.com

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