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- Shin Splints Explained -

Many athletes have experienced shin splints. They are annoying, painful and sometimes stubborn to get rid of. They can have you sitting on the sidelines time and time again.

  1. What they are

  2. What causes them

  3. How to get rid of them

  4. How to prevent them

1. What are They?

Shin splints are a very common injury in endurance athletes. The diagnosis is described as pain in the lower leg between the ankle and knee. The pain is usually caused or worsened by weight bearing activities such as walking or running. The pain can be described as sharp, achy, dull, or pressure in the front of the shin.

2. What Causes Them?

There are many reasons that can lead to irritation/inflammation.The following are some common causes:

- Over training

- Poor gait or body mechanics

- Training too hard, too soon

- Increasing mileage too quickly

3. How to Get Rid of Them:

Everyone is different, therefore the answer is different for everyone. However, the following are evidence based techniques to decrease pain and improve function:

- Manual therapy (ex. Soft tissue therapy)

- Adjusting your training plan

- Improve gait form/functional exercises

- ex .glute activation, foot strengthening

- Rest/Recovery

4. How to Prevent Them!

Whether you have had shin splints in the past or are experiencing them for the firs time, the best way to prevent shin splints is to listen to your body. In endurance sports our bodies are giving us feedback. Learn what your body is telling you. Adding good habits to your training like the examples on the previous page will not only help decrease risk of injury, but help optimize performance!

If you are someone who has had shin splints in the past or are suffering from them right now, feel free to reach out to chat more, or book a FREE 15min phone consultation!

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